Simon Prophet.

Last of the line.


   Birth certificate.

 Me in a box at 15 Whites Road, Bloemfontein.


Me in front of the Christmas tree.



Godmother Meryl, who monitored my childhood and was indeed a dedicated friend to my mother. I never met her and she has long since passed on but her letter always serves to comfort me.




I was born on the couch at 8 Peter Crescent. My father, me, my brother, Johnathan, Ching and my mother, Joan, all sitting on the same couch.



My pet crow, Joey, lived with us for 3 years before she decided to return to the wild. When she did fly away never to return and I saw crows flying nearby then I used to call for her and my habit of calling for her lasted for years until I thought she must, after so many years, have died; not realizing that crows can outlive human beings. I sometimes wonder that she may still be alive.

In standard V our family doctor diagnosed me with a murmur in the heart and so for reasons of well being it was decided that I should attend a school that was situated at a lower altitude and that is how I ended up going to a school in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape.



Outside Ingelside and inside Dad's 230S Mercedes Benz circa 1967.



After matriculating I should have done the sensible thing and apply my creative streak into a practical subject like architecture but that didn't happen. I shortsightedly allowed my creative passions to get the better of me and I enrolled as an art student at Rhodes University. Blinded by romance, a year later, I followed my girlfriend to Cape Town where I enrolled into the Michaelis School of Fine Art only to find out that modern art was not my thing and so three years later I was yet more disillusioned. It became a fight against myself in a world not understood.


 I bought a motorcycle and leaving Cape Town, I did not know to where.\




I ended up in Johannesburg and took a job driving trucks.

That didn't work out and on returning to Cape Town I got a job as a tour guide. The days and months dragged on without apparent purpose.

Looking around and wondering how to remedy the emptiness of my life I determined health to be a priority and so, intending to build my physical wellbeing and strength, I enrolled into a school of martial arts. At the school headquarters in Stillbay, I attended a 2 week intensive training course and was so inspired by the master teacher that my study turned into full time with me becoming an uchi-deshi. Along with my training I was inspired into an idea that one could attain super human strength and was made to believe that through a life dedicated to the spiritual path one could achieve freedom from limitations. Material things no longer held meaning for me and mastering my spirit became the order of the day. Unluckily for me I stumbled across a book called the White Book which unfortunate to say the content of which resounded so strongly with me that within two months I was in America and signed up as a student in Ramtha's School of Enlightenment.

My mind was made up and I was hell bent on becoming an enlightened being.



My car parked next to one of the lakes not far from the Ramtha School of Enlightenment in Washington State.


In retrospect it's ridiculous to think that a 35 thousand year old warrior could return to earth and manifest his teaching through a dentist's wife but depending on your commitment to find enlightenment then there's a lot that you might be prepared to do.

The people who attend this school are misguided but they are not stupid. My friend, Philippe, was a doctor who qualified in France.


The police would not confirm whether the bodies are those of the fugitive French couple Dr Phillippe Meniére, 60 and Agnes Jeanne Jardel, 55, but Lieutenant Colonel Hendrik Swart did say the search for the couple has been called off.


When you endeavor to learn something of which you know nothing then you can easily be led astray into doing outlandish and ridiculous things which is the sacrifice you must make to get you to where you are going even though you don't know where that is.

In 1989 I was in search of some way to conquer adversity. I believed that the universe was infinite with functioning solar systems billions of light years away and JZ Knight relied on tricking her students into a fear that the spinning globe on which we live was a perilous thing and to survive the coming terrible times we were instructed to build underground bunkers and store food enough to sustain us for at least 4 years. I was in the grip of a doomsday cult.

Philippe was appointed by the Ramtha School of Enlightenment to be the Cape Town coordinator and he arranged school learning meetings and participating events at his home and at the Theosophical Society in Rheede Street.

Philippe and I spent hours discussing the "end of times" and we pondered as to what would have the greatest value in a world that had collapsed with no more government, no more electricity, a desolate place with survivors trying to survive in a hostile environment. This was much more than just an intellectual exercise.

From a family of chemists and after much deliberation I concluded for better or worse that industrial chemicals would be greater in value than gold and so instead of accumulating tins of baked beans and bully beef I started to collect chemicals that I considered would have the most value in the world we had been contemplating.

This all may sound stupid but you would have to be under the spell of JZ Knight for any of this to make sense and that is why, for many people, it is such a mystery as to how gentle and peace loving people like Dr Phillippe Meniére and his wife could end up being killed by the police but as an insider with a thinking pattern similar to Philippe at the time, it was never a mystery to me and so here lies the answer to the million dollar question always being put to me. 

The Ramtha School of Enlightenment is how it happened that unusual chemicals ended up in my possession with the drug police smashing their way into my home to investigate the purchase of the suspicious chemicals and that is why the drug police did not find the drugs that they came to find and the rest is history:

I'm just an ordinary fellow, who once upon a time was a little child who grew up into a battle to survive on the platform called life trying to unravel the big why, where and how of it all.

Believing that we live on a world that is round that spins on its own axis but it is going to spin out of its orbit and all is coming to an end is delusional but it is not a crime. However, having delusions can bring one into hot water with the authorities and going too far in twisted thinking to the point of manifesting crazy contemplations can cost you your life as sadly to say it turned out for my friend Philippe and his wife. Their death was tragic and avoidable. My ordeals also were avoidable but lucky for me I survived after having been attacked by the state. I have suffered greatly but thanks be to God I'm still alive with a second chance to build my life on firmer foundations. 

Ecclesiastes 1:4 King James Version: "One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for ever."

Never more true a word did I read.