William Thomas Johnson.

My grandfather. My mother's father.

William Thomas was born in 1891 in England and died in Germiston, the Union of South Africa in 1958.


William Thomas as a baby child.


William Thomas growing up.


William Thomas in the choir.


Joan, William Thomas, Mary and Gladys on the family farm in Worcester.


William Thomas on Prince and at the sea with Mary and Joan.


William with Gladys in the Singer.


William's portable writing desk with the covert panel that detaches to reveal secret drawers.


War photos with William and unknown person holding map.


Daddy and unknown soldiers during the 1st World War.


William's war medal.


2nd and 3rd from left, Gladys and William Thomas, surrounded by people unknown. Circa 1950.


William and Gladys in the Union of South Africa. Circa 1950.