Great grandmother Miller.

My great grandmother. My mother's father's mother.


The information I have on my great grand mother on my mother's father's side is scant and has been pieced together from the old family photographs that have survived.

Her place and date of birth and her full names are unknown to me.

I have identified great grandmother's maiden name as being Miller also from old family photos where she is seated in a family group photo beside James William Miller.

My great grand mother seated beside her father, my great great grandfather.



Two early photographs of my great grandmother.


On the back of the photographs above she is identified only as grand mother Johnson. The hand writing is of John Thomas Raymond who is my great grandfather on my mother's mother's side.

I have assumed that he identified her my mother's benefit she being my mother's grandmother making her my great grandmother.



Great grandmother Johnson born Miller somewhere in London. Circa 1930.