The criminal allegations above involve 7 people who at the time that these alleged crimes occurred were employed by various departments of Government which included the South African Police, the National Director of Public Prosecutions and the South African Human Rights Commission.

The alleged crimes include crimen iniuria, perjury, theft and torture.

One of these alleged criminals was a Cape Town High Court judge and is being accused of having lied in a court judgement about Simon Prophet and also of torturing Simon Prophet.

EXHIBIT NINETEEN PART 2 above is an extract from a fax that was sent to Simon Prophet's lawyer. At the time Advocate S Omar was working for the state.

In the last paragraph of his fax, viz. EXHIBIT NINETEEN PART 2, Advocate S Omar tells Simon Prophet that if he fails to submit to file answering affidavits to the criminal charges pending against Simon Prophet then the National Director of Public Prosecutions will proceed to set the matter down for trial and it is silently implied and astutely understood that as a consequence of Simon Prophet not submitting answers and information relating to the criminal charges pending against him that he will not be able to defend the safety and the security of his property and that in all likelihood this will result in Simon Prophet loosing his home and his business.

Let there be no mistake here.

Advocate S Omar threatened Simon Prophet with the loss of his home and his business if Simon Prophet did not comply with Advocate S Omar's demand on Simon Prophet to submit answering affidavits relating to the criminal charges that were pending against Simon Prophet from the National Director of Public Prosecutions thereby forcing Simon Prophet to give out information that Simon Prophet would otherwise not have done.

Advocate S Omar presented to Simon Prophet a real threat and the trauma relating to the loss of Simon Prophet's home and his business caused Simon Prophet to break down and give into the illegal demands of Advocate S Omar.

This is torture.





When your civil rights are violated then you have to contact a lawyer.

When you are attacked by criminals then you have to contact the police.