Above is the attachment that I received from an email sent to me from the Judicial Service Commission notifying me that, according to the Commission, my appeal was "frivolous and lacking in substance", but giving me the opportunity to appeal.

Below is my appeal which was published on this website in January 2024.


On Wednesday 17th January 2024, the day after my questionnaire book had been delivered to the Judicial Service Commission I received an SMS notification on my phone from the police to tell me that my case regarding Venter had been closed. 

The Senior Public Prosecutor had decided to withdraw the case.

I responded immediately by appealing to the Director of Public Prosecutions to bring Venter to justice.

I also contacted the Public Protector and the Human Rights Commission and called upon them to help me.

On Monday 22nd of January 2024 I sent by hand courier to the Judicial Service Commission 2 pages of supplementary notes to be added to my appeal which is published below.





Above is another email sent to me on the 5th March 2024 from the Judicial Service Commission giving me until 19th March to submit any written submissions.

At first glance this is just a letter giving some information but a closer inspection brings one to something that is unfathomable and vociferous.

Under my name is my old home address. I must say that reading my old address where it always used to be was uncanny and it did shock my emotions.

Disturbing in one sense but reassuring in another.

The entire address is there and even the postal code is included. In all of my communication with the Judicial Service Commission no inclusion of this code has ever been presented anywhere but here under my name the whole address is typed out including this postal code.

Is this the work of an unseen hand, the handiwork of God maybe operating from within the office of the Judicial Service Commission to say what should be heard and that is that I am the rightful owner of 54 Balfour Street..

I don't think that it can just be brushed aside as an office mistake. It's more than that.




Not to loose any opportunity to make my case heard and understood, immediately, I embarked on compiling a booklet containing the petition signatures which I had collected after I had been evicted from my home so that it could be submitted as a submission into my appeal.

TEN THOUSAND signatures cover 39 pages of the booklet and at the bottom of each of those page is included one of the many Constitutional violations commissioned by Erasmus and attention is drawn to the violations that are defined as NON DEROGABLE which gives us a count of 25 NON DEROGABLE Supreme Constitutional Law violations commissioned by Erasmus.

Below is my letter sent to the Judicial Service Commission and an internet version of my booklet containing the petition signatures.




39 pages of civil right Constitutional Law violations with 25 of those being defined as Non Derogable Laws, including crimes of Torture, International Crimes Against Humanity and violations of Sacred Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights we have Erasmus speaking lies in his judgement with lying going hand in hand with stealing.

The National Director of Public Prosecutions can decide; pay me R12 million before my seventieth birthday on the 16th July 2024 or prepare yourself for the International Criminal Court.


South Africa don't be stupid!!!

South Africa is inextricably subscribed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which came into effect on the 10th of December 1948 and do please allow me to assure the National Director of Public Prosecutions that there is absolutely zero chance to slide away from this inescapable reality that every South African citizen, including President Cyril Ramaphosa himself, and any group of South African Judges or the entire Justice Department of South Africa and the South African Law Society combined, by dictate of our own Supreme South African Constitutional Law are compelled and bound to obey such laws, and, on an International platform under International scrutiny, never will anyone, ever, be permitted to derogate or downplay or ignore these Sacred Laws.