In 2008 Simon Prophet petitioned.

Collecting the signatures was an arduous task.

But ten thousand people signed.

Simon has spoken personally to everyone who has signed and he expresses his deep gratitude to all who have shown their courage to come forward and support the recovery of his home and he also says thank you to those who have included him in their prayers.

A survey that canvasses a pool of 10 000 people is massive and provides an acurate barometer as to how South Africans think on this subject.  

Democratically speaking then we can conclude that civil asset forfeiture is not OK and also that the Prevention of Organized Crime Act of 1998 is not acceptable to the majority of ordinary people.

Supreme non-derogable  law dictates that we are "presumed innocent" until proven otherwise and therefore, in the context of South Africa, it follows as a matter of fact that if you have been acquitted of criminal wrongdoing  in a criminal court of law then you are therefore undeniably innocent and so it goes without saying that civil asset forfeiture in the face of a "not guilty" verdict is unconstitutional. It is obtuse to argue otherwise.




10 000 (ten thousand) signatures is a lot of signatures