Cape Town Drug Rehab is a non profit organization approved 06/03/2007. 

We provide a free information service.

With today's technology drug addiction is a thing of the past.



Short term memory recovery within 5 days

Brain neuron transmitters rehabilitated within 40 minutes



Get off drugs without drugs

Treatment for anxiety, depression, insomnia

YouTube links below are from a radio broadcast. Please listen for your enlightenment.














Build the device yourself for R250. No need for drugs. No need for councelling. No need for detox. No need for rehab. No need for medical aid (oops). No need for addiction. Be independant. Be free.

Cape Town Drug Rehab is not selling anything.

This diagram is Beck's schematic and the intenet is full of videos and plans on how to construct it at home.

  You are welcome to contact me for more information:

The hundred monkey principle works with monkeys because they are not mind controlled. The human race is a different kettle of fish so with humans the hundred monkey principle doesn't work. Millions of Bob Beck devices have been manufactured and millions of people have used them but you will not find these devices in the big shops and I can only put it down to mind control. 

Churchill may have been a drunk but he was right when he said "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened".